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Author Topic: Got broken tuners?  (Read 467 times)
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« on: November 01, 2009, 01:15:49 AM »

A couple weeks ago, I asked an ebay seller about some of their replacement buttons and whether they would fit my pings or schallers. He didn't know, but sent me a couple to try - See below -

Well, they don't - They don't fit Ping minis, Ping regulars, Schallers, or even Gotoh 510s. But they are pretty nice looking, and he has them in a variety of woods, and in a few different shapes and inlay types. And the prices are extremely reasonable compared to many I've seen.

So - What I would like to do is send them some tuners to test their buttons on, and have make them available to fit Larrivees standard ping tuners. I especially would like to replace all 12 chrome buttons on my 12 string with wood buttons just to save weight, and I may like a little bling if it is available. This is the closest I've found to reasonable cost replacement buttons for the minis.

If anyone has a broken tuner in their parts box and would send the shaft out of it to me, I'll forward them to Taiwan and we might be able to get some nice buttons for very reasonable cost.

I would like to get the shaft from a ping mini, a ping regular, and maybe one of the Schallers if thats what the tuners are now. I hate to send perfectly good tuners, so I would prefer it if anyone has funky or broken ones that they've saved for parts -

PM me if you can help -

Thanks  -   Tad

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