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Author Topic: "Let That Love Out" Any Mix/EQ Suggestions?  (Read 327 times)
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« on: September 10, 2009, 04:52:24 PM »

Here's a new acoustic, grooving (kind of) tune i've been playing with. it still needs live drums and some kind of filler in the rock hole (solo area)...probably guitar or harmonica, but i was wondering what you guys thought of the mix and EQ. I can never seem to get things sounding the way i want with EQ as stuff either sounds too tiny or too muddy. i kind of do the same thing with effects. it seems like either way too much, or way too little.

If anyone cares, this was done with a Presonus firebox, with mostly the Shure KSM32. The bass was run through as sansamp di box. By the way, when we were recording the bass, we went with one of their suggested settings in the manual i thought is sounded really distorted until i put in the other for some reason it seems to fit better than most of the bass recordings we've done.

anyway, any suggestions would rock.

here's the link to listen:


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