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I remember JCL saying that the Traditional models are made with traditional aesthetics like the herringbone trim, Pyramid bridge, angled bone nut, slot head, volute dart, and fretboard inlays. He made it clear though that he specifically retained the parabolic bracing to retain the unique Larrivee sound. My point is I don't think there's any way that they would scallop and thus alter the very attribute they're famous for nl. the even balance. Just my opinion though. They might be game to brace the tops lightly for a better response with finger style in mind.

This is going to be the crux of the issue in IMHO. While I have not read thru this entire post, personally I'd be looking for a guitar braced more lightly than the standard Larrivee line up. All, the other specs thrown around are interesting, but if the guitar is not a tonal variation from the standard line up, it might be a tougher sell, especially if it approaches the $2K range. I feel the beauty of the Forum III was that fact that you got a guitar with some unique features priced like an OM-03

Nonetheless it will be fun to follow the progress of this discussion.

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