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I know what you mean about the waitin' & waitin' thing at an open mic.  If there's a signup sheet I tend try for as early on as possible, even first.  Unfortunately that means I've often been the guinea pig for the sound crew, but I really like it better than sitting around waiting

Worst is during the winter months, when the cold + nervousness make my fingers lose circulation.  Even my wife has commented how my fingers all of a sudden got scary white & freezing cold...  I've only been doing open mics for a bit over a year so maybe it's starting to wear off?  Who knows, it's July and cold isn't a problem  

By the way -- you going to Falcon Ridge this weekend???  I'm gonna try for Sunday and maybe Sat.


I like to go on early so I can relax and enjoy the rest of the night, but it doesn't always pan out logistically with work and domestic obligations...

Yeah, we are going to Falcon Ridge on Saturday.  We (my girlfriend and I) have a family commitment on Sunday.  If you're definately going Saturday PM or email me and we could meet.  It would be nice to finally meet you. 


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