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Author Topic: D'Aquisto Nickel-Plated Tony Rice Strings - Nice!  (Read 1035 times)
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« on: April 11, 2009, 08:13:04 PM »

Hi All,

My first post here. I got an OM-03SP Larrivee back in January this year and have been thoroughly enjoying it, and having the fun of some string trials. Got rid of a Martin D-62 to pick this nice little guitar up, and right now it's my only instrument.

I've been through Elixer Nano PB, Mangan PB, D'Addario flattop, Pearse PB, Martin Marquis Bronze SP, and liked them in that order, then lately tried D'Aquisto Tony Rice strings. All of these are medium guage.

The surprise has been these nickel-plated Tony Rice strings, especially since they were the cheapest of the lot, and I didn't have much expectation of the sound of nickel, but they're quite nice! Well balanced tone, good right off the bat and stay good, and they show no corrosion after 2 weeks. As an added bonus, the nickel finish is smoother than round-wound bronze or PB, so the feel is really nice. Not as good as good as coated or flat-wound, but pleasant.

Still got some GHS PB and DR Sunbeam strings to try out, but for now these nickel wires are impressing me. I may throw the Elixers back on and see if they're as nice as I recall.

Anyone ever try these D'Aquistos?

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