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Author Topic: How much does your guitar weigh?  (Read 1333 times)
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« on: February 09, 2009, 12:47:02 AM »

So I've been curious, my Guild dread seems much heavier than my Larries...I got out the digital bathroom scale and weighed myself, then me and the guitar.  I did this several times (being a scientist/engineer) to check variability

Here's the results:

Guild dread: 5.4 lbs
L03R: 4.6 lbs
D03 Silver oak: 4.4 lbs

Yes, it's true...Guilds are built like tanks.  Also I thought it was interesting that the D-SO was lighter than the L-R.  Silver oak is light!

What do your guitars weigh?  Larrivees and others...


Three Larries and a Guild and an A&L...and electrics...and a mando

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