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Author Topic: My new LP, "Holykyle"  (Read 388 times)
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Hey all!

Recorded before I got my Larrivee, but all the same, thought some might be interested...  my new record is recently completed and is now available!  It is by my "group" Pairdown...  I say "group" because all the instruments were actually performed by the two founding members, and I say "record" because it's actually available on LP!!!  Don't worry, though, it comes with a free digital download and a free CD copy (by request).  The album is called "Holykyle", which is both the name of track #2, as well as the canoe in track #2.

Anyway, the style is sort of folk/folk-rock, not unlike Leo Kottke's 70's output, or things like Love or The Incredible String Band.  There is an emphasis on finger style, counterpoint and lyrics.  If anyone wants to pick one up, it would really help us out, since we financed the whole project ourselves, from purchasing the tape machine all the way through getting the vinyl pressed...  we're going to be touring up to Chicago this spring, and be going back and forth to the east coast this spring and summer.

You can hear three of the tracks on our Myspace page.

...thanks for listening!  My new OM-09 will be on all the records from here on out!


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