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Author Topic: Ibeam In My L-03r  (Read 979 times)
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« on: November 06, 2003, 05:32:11 AM »

Hi-  new member but a hard core Larrivee lover. I have installed a passive iBeam in my L-03R. I am also using a LR Baggs Para DI. I installed it exactly like the manual says -  directly under the bridge and about a small 1/8" twards the treble side. Through our church PA ( a pro-level, permanently installed system) it sounds fantastic. It sounds very good with all the EQ settings at "0" so I know I haven't EQed a bad pick up into submission. All I did was roll off the mids a we bit and voila. Perfect Larrivee reproduction. I was going to buy the K&K but impulse got me in a guitar store. I will probably get the K&K for my classical. Does anyone else have iBeam expereiences.  

Larrivee L-03R with iBeam passive and LR Bigs ParaDI
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