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Author Topic: Girls Rock!  (Read 725 times)
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« on: August 17, 2004, 11:05:20 PM »

Last night went to see Heart at Pine Knob in loverly Clarkston Michigan.First time i saw both Wilson sisters together, last time around Nancy was pregnant so didnt play. Put on great show though lot of focus was on new album "Jupiters Darling". They tended to stay away from the 80's pop stuff other than "Alone" and "These Dreams"(which Nancy played on mandolin) They did the classics such as Magic Man and Crazy on You(did em back too back for encore) also covered Barracuda, and a prety version of Dog and Butterfly. They closed the show with a couple of songs by a group called Lead Balloon or sumthing. All in all a good show, though seemed short at 90 minutes.  

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Thanks for the review, smiling striped mammal  :)
Still calling it Pine Knob, eh?  I used to haunt that place quite a bit, but btwn. ticket prices and the travel--it is now 2hrs. for me, I havent been in many yrs.
How was the crowd?  THAT is the main hinderence for me going to any large venues anymore; people there just to laugh and drink, and maybe listen to some music ("Oh, I know that one, its on the radio!")  <_<
(I saved almost all of my ticket stubs from yrs. past, and I stopped counting them at 300!--my wife cant believe it!!)
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