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Author Topic: $20k guitar  (Read 3370 times)
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Absolutely, there's no question that set would get a high grade. It's got lots of figuring including those flame type streaks in the lower bout but I think the main reason it would be considered a premium set is the green streaking.
In respect to streaking, my friend who builds guitars has one with vivid greenish streaks on the back. He gets most of his wood himself. I can't remember exactly what the deal was but one way or another there was metal that was "sucked up" into the tree. It was a box of nails buried near the roots, or in the tree, or bullets, I can't remember but that metal was pulled up over 50 years and put incredible streaks in the wood. So if you have a little time, bury a box of pennies under a smaller tree, and sit back for a minute.

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