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Author Topic: Any experience with a Tom Anderson acoustic ?  (Read 501 times)
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« on: October 27, 2008, 12:49:06 PM »

If you don't know Anderson guitars - he is a small ( but famous ) shop in California, only makes a few hundred guitars a year -
mostly electric (Keith Richards plays one), and has a couple of acoustic/electric models.
I read an interview where he was asked what other acoustic guitars he liked - his response was Olson and Larrivee.

I had a chance to hear his acoustic  CROWDSTER model (named after artist Crowd).
I was invited to play it the next time I see the guy who owns it.
They cost about $3,000 new.

It uses a Biggs pickup system, has Fender style head,  volume, bass, mid and treble controls, uses acoustic strings,
no sound holes, 14 fret plus cutaway - and the reviews on it are very good.

Anyone familiar with the CROWDSTER acoustic/ electric ?
There are pictures on the Tom Anderson website.

- Larry


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