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Author Topic: "shine" A Satin Finish?  (Read 7731 times)
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For Orsino--
Tom, you did your Maahtin 1st, correct?  How long ago?
The reason I ask , is that I am trying to establish a time line of experience; I have seen NO EFFECT on either the wood or the sound (the D 03-12 was done 6 mos. ago).  But, hey, if you dont want to do it, no biggee.  I like mine--very much!
Following up on this, Tom, if you could link some of the longer term comments from the UMGF to this thread, that would be helpful. In your comments you referred to some who had done it about 3 years ago.

Still waiting on pics from both of you guys. PATIENTLY WAITING!  afro  :blink:  


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