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Author Topic: Need help with Jerry Reed song  (Read 400 times)
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« on: September 15, 2008, 11:46:53 PM »

Jerry died recently here in the Nashville area. He was said of him, he pickup up and advanced guitar playing where his friend Chet Atkins left off. He wrote many songs for Chet.
I went to youtube to listen to some of his old stuff.

Most of Jerry's songs were fast tempo and he would skin the finish off a fretboard with his fast pickin'.

I found a song I did not know he had written. It is a gentle song about love -- called ' A thing called Love'
It was recorded by Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

Can someone please watch this youtube link of Jerry playing it and tell me the postitons on the neck and what chord forms he is using to play the pretty intro and stuff between the verses ? and at the end.

The song seems to have a simple chord structure - I think I can figure out - but I want to learn to play that pretty stuff he fills in with - I think he is in the 5th to 7th area - I'm guessing he is in the key of D .  He does some nice picking on what looks like a G chord.

Thanks for any help from you guys.

- Larry


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