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Author Topic: What about these Chinese and Orient made guitars ?  (Read 15622 times)
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« Reply #60 on: July 08, 2008, 01:49:52 AM »

Thanks Carol...I might go hunt one of those down to try 

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I have an Eastman 810CE they certainly do not have a thick finish. Neither did the archback flat top models I have checked out. The Blueridge guitars do sound great at any price. I found a used one at the local GC, it played and sounded better than most of the Martins in at the time. This was one of their low end solid wood OM models. A friend who told me he was looking to take up guitar again, jumped on it when I called him from the shop, to tell him of the steal that was there for $280. He is in Hog heaven with it.   

On the other hand another friend picked up a Johnson 000 Carolina series. Great sound, playability a little stiff, it does have a thick finish, but like I said, great sound. He got it new for $399 with case.
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