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Author Topic: 'B' String Harmonics @ 12th Fret  (Read 983 times)
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« on: March 12, 2008, 06:11:53 PM »

I put new strings (EXP PB light) on my newly acquired L-09 about a week ago.  I was playing a few tunes and noticed that the B string harmonics at the 12th fret is noticeably louder than the other strings.  It doesn't seem to be noticeable while finger picking chords, while just plucking the open strings or playing harmonics at the 5th and 7th frets.  I didn't think much about it - probably just my ears not hearing right.  My wife says I never hear her right.

Then I was listening to member GSKAR's beautiful piece called Mother and I think I hear the same thing.  When he plays the harmonics, the B string seems to have more volume than the E string.  I figure it could be just me not being able to hear the higher frequency or could have something to do with the saddle having compensation for just the B string.  I remember reading that all fretted string instruments are theoretically impossible to tune perfectly.  The geometry and physics of string size, tension and frequency makes it all a compromise.  So maybe, just the B string is at perfect intonation?  I don't know.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Or maybe I need more medication (12oz doses).



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thats interesting, my E string seems to be louder than the B. i dont know enough about guitars to get into all the technicalities about string tension, wave frequency, etc. so i'll leave it so someone else to try to explain the fine details. I think that maybe each guitar is just different in some respects.

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