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Author Topic: L-03-12 satin finish, how is it done ? and a couple more ...  (Read 439 times)
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« on: February 09, 2008, 06:12:58 PM »

Had to take a break from playing my new L-03-12SP because my fingers got a bit sore ...  blush I'm used to a more "baseball bat / sausagefinger" type of approach  ... especially on my Gibson J45 ...  he he ...

So, while my fingertips are recovering I thought I'd ask a couple of silly questions :

How is the satin finish done ? Is it just a "high gloss" finish without the final buffing, or ?
How will the finish stand against the "normal" wear and tear of playing ?
And a final, extremely silly question ... I'm amazed over how light the L-03-12 is ... Is Sapele that much lighter than f.ex RW, or ?

And now from some  and then back to 


Martin, GIbson, Furch, Larrivée ...
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