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Has anyone else used or seen the series of books called The Guitar Grimoire?  I just recently bought the purple book by Adam Kadmon on progressions and has been a huge help to opening up some creative doors for me.  It's definitely improving playing and my practice time. 

It explains in depth the circle of fifths, scales, substitutions, and most importantly chord progressions.  I have been playing for 16 years or so, I've never had a lesson or understood "music theory"....Every time I try to learn any theory I quickly give up and go back to playing by ear my own way.  This book has sections that gives hundreds of chord progressions in each key. This is why I bought it.  I figured it would help me develop some practice routine. So, I just open it up, pick a key and start playing them - songs just start coming out.  I by no means understand what the heck I'm doing, but I'm learning...and it makes sense.  The whole fretboard is starting to open up to me...I actually GET the circle of fifths now.  If you're in a rut this book may help.  I got mine at Borders. 

Most of the book is still WAY over my head, but I'm confident I'll be using it for years to come.  Very cool stuff!

Amazon has got it here:



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