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Author Topic: New P/u Configuration  (Read 932 times)
Barefoot Rob
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« on: October 14, 2003, 02:28:01 PM »

Hey Kids,
  I just installed a Stereo P/U Rig for an All Koa Parlor and a LC-10K. The Parlor has a Dean Markley Sweetspot under the saddle and an DM Artist soundboard tranducer on the bass side of the  bridgeplate.  The LC-10K sports a Dean Markley Sweetspot under the saddle and a Barcus Berry DISQ1000-IS
s/b tranducer also on the bass side of the bridgeplate. Both run out of a stereo endpin jack to an outboard Fishman
Blender or a Rane AP-13.
   The guys in the shop test ran it into the Fishman blended into an acoustic amp with some chorus and some a word Cool. The S/B trannsducer rounds out the shrill of the piezo and fills in the bottom. Very balanced and natural sounding. The Parlour sounds very big with a nice bottom and the LC-10K sounds as close to miked as you can imagine plugged in. No batteries, no holes to cut in your precious guitar, and very inexpensive. Plus you can always go out mono if ya have to. ;)

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