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Author Topic: Yusuf Islam concert dvd  (Read 2283 times)
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Although I am not convinced Israel had anything to go on other than a beard.  And yes, Cat/Yusuf's voice sounds as good today as it did 30 years ago, and his message of peace remains as imperative and welcome as well.

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100% verifiable. Donated money from the former Steven Demetre Georgiou aka  Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam has turned up in Hamas coffers. 100% varifiable. Hamas is a recognized terrorist group. Leaving Israel totally out of it, their actions and activities involving other Arabs in the territory they control are revolting and undefendable. Except perhaps by the likes of this former lovable moppet. 
Peter would you feel the same if someone ask about DVDs for a white power band? Should we just stick to the relative value of the chord changes or should we ask ourselves does this matter? If it doesn't matter to you, go ahead and support Yusuf Islam, if it does matter would you warn others of possible difficulties here or would you call the messenger a bigot? All very interesting. Anyway, I would have stopped at my first post and folks could have ignored it. But hey, we know there's smoke. Everybody's desperately trying to ignore the fire though. Criticism of Islam is illegal at the UN. Y'all should be very happy. Look who signed on to the bill!

G Man why don't you post some more of that great music of yours? We don't need no stinkin' Cat Stevens! 
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