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Author Topic: 000-50 Intonation problem  (Read 3424 times)
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I recently found my 000-50 is 9-10 cents flat at the 12th fret on all strings,
and that the saddle is 1/16" farther from the 12th fret than my L-02 with the same scale.
We've discussed it a little on the Martin forum here:

It doesn't look fully correctable with simple saddle compensation, or even reslotting the pyramid bridge.
Larrivee customer service hasn't answered yet (three days), and my dealer is not local.
Has anyone else had this problem?

     I have had the problem to a less pronounced degree on my SD-50-....I swapped out the very dead medium gauge (I think Cleartones) for some light gauge D'Addario uncoated strings.  I planned on moving up to some mediums after querying some owners on this forum as to what they felt worked best on the slope dreads.  Found the entire set to be flat and more drastically the G and B.  The action was a little higher than 3/32" bass and 1/16" treble which I consider standard for me and the radius looked a little off.  I had a Tusq saddle I wished to experiment with before trying to modify the bone (I think it is bone-mine is an old stock early '05) saddle which came on it.  I like my relief to be minimal.  I intonated the saddle and tried to more closely follow the contour of the radius with each string coming off at the extreme forward position.  The result has been that I was able to get nearly the whole set sorted out except for a wee flatness on the G and B.  I had exactly the same experience with an OM5 about six years ago.  I was able to correct that one a little better but I don't recall the gauge having much effect one way or the other on the OM. I could maybe get a little sharpening done by adding relief but I am within Larrivee' tolerances and it is pretty livable now.
(by the way I read the later posts regarding this and am glad you got things fixed)
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