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Author Topic: K & K plus Baggs Double Barrel installed in a Seagull Cedar  (Read 699 times)
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« on: September 18, 2007, 10:57:48 PM »

I got a Baggs Double Barrel at half-price and it sat around until I decided to throw it into my factory demo Seagull S6, Cedar with cutaway. Why not? Access to higher frets, and it came cheap, so it was perfect to take on the road.
Under-saddle pickups are way too harsh and non-woody for my taste, so I clipped off the one Baggs included and installed a Pure Western Mini, which is a set of three smaller pads.

I kept my fingers, all I can say is wow!

This has the best sound of any pickup system I've ever installed. When you plug in a mono cord, I think it mixes a higher percentage of the piezo sound, but with enough mic to really give it some impact and air. Very real sound! And it cost a lot less than other multiple source systems.

The preamp is 2-channel, and the jack allows post-mixing, which I've not done yet. It will be interesting to try it.

If you are thinking of getting a double barrel, I say, go for it but get some K & K tranducers to wire it up: braid to braid and center lead to center lead. Just glue in the pads inside and under the bridge.

Feedback isn't bad, but as usual, higher volumes will require a rubber anti-feedback plug in the sound hole.

I need to record with this to see how it compares to using a condenser mic. To my ears, it's really quite nice playing live solo or with my band.

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