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Author Topic: bring back the Luster to a Rosewood body?  (Read 998 times)
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« on: September 12, 2007, 09:56:45 PM »

I have a Ex-Larrivee builders (beauty of a Guitar)   , but lacking it's luster, How can I bring it back without going to a Luthier which I know would be the best idea! I went to the Healdsburg festival and talked with a guy from Tonewoods and he said to do a 3 step process, 1.Rubbing compound 2.Polishing compound 3.Hand Glaze for the wet look,clear coat safe. It's Rosewood on the back and sides and when I went thru the steps but still have high & low spots where some are a nice high gloss look and other spots dull looking and I have done this twice now Hand rub, So now what to do? Would it need to have a couple of sprayed on  high gloss lacquer coats? Plus a have some light round swirlling marks that I can't seem to rub out! Any help on this one would be very appreciated Thanks Mark 
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I think spraying on coats of lacquer would be an extremely bad idea. Try buffing the wax with a hand buffer.


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