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Author Topic: Posting pictures using our server  (Read 6766 times)
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Our forum allows you to upload pictures to our server from your computer, except as an entry for GOTM nomination purposes.  

There is a file size restriction in place.  Your picture file size cannot be any bigger than 200KB.  

You also can’t have more than 400KB total for any one post.  

The maximum pixel size displayed on the forum page is 600x800.  If your picture is larger than this it will be sized down in the post window.  

If it is larger than 600x800 pixels it will still display and can be clicked on for a larger view in the post window.

Only 4 pictures total per post.

Pictures are uploaded from your computer as attachments to your post.  In the new post screen, below the message window there is a drop down menu that says ‘Additional Options…’  You will see there is a place for an attachment.  Click ‘Browse’ to find the picture you want to upload on your computer, once you have selected it click ‘Open’, this will put the pictures location in the attachment box.  You can add more pictures by simply clicking '(more attachments)'.  Once you click the Post button your files will be uploaded to the forum server and the pictures will be displayed in your post.

You can remove pictures by clicking the Modify post button, then using the attachment drop down menu you can uncheck the pictures you don’t want to display and click save.

Resizing pictures:
To resize your pictures before uploading you will need to use some kind of photo editing software.  There are many available, some even free.   Resizing pictures is a two step process.  First you need to change the overall image size in pixels.  Second you need to change the file size.  
One particular program that has many options and is free is Paint.NET.   This program is very similar to Corel’s Paint Shop Pro.  Below is a step by step tutorial to size pictures using Paint.NET.  Many photo editors work the same way.

After opening the program choose; File>Open>choose the picture on your computer>click Open.
Next resize the image to better fit our forum.  On the menu bar choose; Image>Resize>make sure ‘By Absolute size’ and ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ are checked>change the width (600 pixels or smaller)>click OK.
Next we will change the file size and save the picture.  On the menu bar choose; File>SaveAs (name the picture something you will remember and save it in the folder you choose)>click Save>Slide the Quality slide bar until your file size is below 200KB>click OK.

*If desired you can make the file smaller so you can have multiple pics in one post, however image quality will suffer.  You can see the preview as you slide the quality slide bar.  You can only have 400KB total for any one post.

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