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Author Topic: Trying something new  (Read 698 times)
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« on: July 06, 2007, 12:09:00 PM »

I've got my usual monthly gig tonight and tomorrow and I felt like trying something different.  I've got K&K Pure Western minis in both my guitars but I thought I'd try using a mic for this gig...just to test it out.

I've been plugging in the L-03, no preamp or anything, and it sounds great passively but when I go from a strumming tune to a fingerstyle's almost like it disappears.  With a pick, strumming or flatpicking, the sound really comes out but with fingerstyle, I am assuming that the pickup is not sensitive enough and the output is not high enough for the sound to be full and complete.  Obviously, a preamp would remedy this but while the K&K does sound natural, I am willing to bet that mic'ing the guitar will sound much more natural and it will, hopefully, sound bigger and better.

I had bought a Boss CS-3 compressor/sustainer to use during fingerstyle tunes but after having tried it...I'm not sure I like that type of sound.   I've had the pedal for just over a month now.  I called the shop yesterday and spoke with the assistant manager with whom I've dealt with for years.  He said he'd take the pedal back no problem.  In exchange I got a brand new Shure SM57.  Even if it this doesn't improve my live sound, I'm betting it will, one can never go wrong with an SM57. 

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