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Author Topic: D'addario PB 12s(eJ16) on my L-03 WL, WOW!  (Read 807 times)
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« on: June 21, 2007, 04:15:49 PM »

at first, i fel tthe phosphor bornze strings on my walnutter too dark, the walnut tone wood being this way, so i had been using 80/20s for the past frew months. then i got a bunch of D'Addario PB 12s for free, and my wife has always loved these strngs, so i figured i'd sting up the walnutter again with them.

really impressed. maybe its cause the walnutter has opened up since a few months ago, i dont know, but i love these strings on it now! which makes it so easy, cause now i can just purchase one string type for both the wife and myself(their 3 packs are a great buy!). I am sure there are other PB string to try, but for uncoateds, D'addario PB 12 really take the cake in my household!

also, question: i got a bone saddle, but would a bone nut be a worthwhile change? is it easy to put it in? where would i get one?

thanks! bigrin


2006 L-03-WL
1963 Martin 0-16NY(wife's)
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