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Author Topic: Happening live system  (Read 739 times)

« on: February 12, 2007, 07:52:17 AM »

I played a gig last evening (Saturday) using my home system for the first time; I've used bits and pieces of it here and there, combined with other stuff, but this was the first time I used the whole thing all together. The system is comprised of a Beheringer MX802A mixer, Lexicon MPX100 on the post-fader bus, Art Tube Pac compressor/preamp on the pre-fader bus, Carvin DCM150 power amp (75 watts RMS per side @4 ohms) through 2 pairs of Carvin 125w near-field monitors. These last are designed as personal spot monitors, but they pack a surprising amount of low end and projection; with two per side mounted on a stand they make pretty decent little mains for a restaurant or small I can pack all four of them into a largish duffel bag. In fact, the whole system packs into two duffel bags, a large nylon briefcase and a canvas sea-bag for my stands. I can almost carry the whole thing, including guitars, in one trip from the car to the stage.

In terms of sound, the system exceeded my expectations. It always sounds good at home, but one never knows what to expect in an unfamiliar environment. The acoustics in the hotel lobby where this shindig was held were fantastic, which certainly doesn't hurt. The tone I was getting with both the Taylor 412K and the Larrivee L03, but especially the Larrivee (with K&K PWM), was transparent , lots of warmth and sparkle, with just enough compression and digital ambience added to fill the space full of people without running at too high a volume. Everyone was able to converse, laugh, have a good time, but the guitar was always right there.

The only hitch I had (and this is a caveat for Behringer mixer owners) is that when I first turned on the system to sound-check, it was frying and humming like crazy...almost unusable. I started lifting ground, reversing phase, shifting cables around...still bad. Finally, I moved the mixer away from the rack with the power amp, ddl and power conditioner in it. That was it. The Behringer is evidently not well shielded against the fields generated by these items. Only 6 inches away and it was fine, gave no further trouble.

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