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Author Topic: Case upgrade for forum guitar?  (Read 687 times)
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« on: January 22, 2007, 04:33:38 PM »

I recently bought a forum guitar with the flat-top case. It is fated to be a "player", not a hangar queen, and I'd like to find a case that provides a little more protection for carrying it around. I don't plan to fly with it, and a Calton is beyond the budget, but an archtop that supports the neck better would be nice. I'd also like to find one that's a little more compact/fitted around the neck, and maybe a little lighter. This ooo-60 case style is in the ballpark of what I'm looking for, though I'm also open to composites/polymers/whatever :
(used without permission, so I'll throw in a gratuitous link to the owner's "for sale" listing)

I think the Larrivee OM and ooo bodies are slightly different. I have an early 90's Larrivee 14-fret OM-10 with an arched case, but it doesn't fit so well in the neck area either.

There are a lot of cases out there that will work, but are there any that actually fit well? Elderly has some nice cases for a 14 fret neck, but I'm not sure the extra neck support will clear the 12-fret peghead. I think the current Martin 12-fret ooo is a somewhat different shape.

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