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Author Topic: buffing out a satin finish to semi-gloss  (Read 3008 times)
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Exacly, besides any factory blem isn't goin to be half as bad as regular wear and tear from using it...its a guitar enjoy the thing.  Of course you should take care of anything you own, but its going to get some wear, a little ding here or there, whatver who cares you are using it...some of the best guitars are the ones guys are playing with a second sound hole where a pick guard would have been. 

Of course it could sound could look like its new, but whats the point, you can pass it on when you are gone looking like it came from the factory?  I'd rather have something passed down to me like the gibson i have, its beat up, sounds like -CENSORED- compared to my larry...but its family and i love the thing.
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