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Author Topic: New Very Short-Scale Lark Guitar  (Read 2357 times)
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« on: January 13, 2007, 06:27:29 PM »

This is a 6 string very short-scale Lark guitar in a faux cherry finish with 12 frets to the body, 15 frets total, manufactured in Shangai, China! It features a trapeze/plywood pseudo-bridge (I sanded and glued a small strip of plywood under the trapeze bridge to raise the string height), genuine plastic 1 & 3/8" nut, genuine plastic friction tuners, a genuine painted rosette, what appears to be a 2 piece neck, low profile metal frets, some sort of body binding in a black substance (no neck binding), and all plywood body construction. It has a high gloss something or other type finish.

This is my grandson's first guitar! I strung it with a used set of La Bella nylon strings (with the trapeze ends tied in a square knot) because my grandson likes to make a fist around the strings on granpa's steel string guitars -- well, the one time he had a chance to touch one anyway  -- and I figured nylon will be safer for him.

While it's nearly impossible to keep the Lark in tune, the guitar does have good sustain (all things considered), and with the addition of the plywood shim/bridge you can actually play the entire neck (and the sound improved vastly over the metal trapeze touching the top). I'm hoping this is just the model to get an 18-month old interested in playing the guitar.

Someday when he's a brilliant concert guitarist, rock star, or successful in-demand studio musician, he'll smile as he thinks back to the Lark guitar that grandad and grandma found at a quaint little second hand shop and had thrown in for free to sweeten the deal.

Here are a few photos, including one of the Lark hanging next to my LSV-11 to give you a sense of just how short scale the Lark is.

I can't wait to play duets next week with my grandson!


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