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Author Topic: ProTone guitars  (Read 523 times)
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I checked the archives and I don't see where anyone has ever mentioned the "Legend of the ProTone guitars"
In short the Fender (Squire) ProTone electri guitars were manufactured for only 2 years in Korea. They were supposed to be the budget Fender strats, (also some tele's I think)   The interesting thing about these guitars is that Fender screwed up pretty badly when they set up this shop.   The specs for these guitars was practically the same as the American Strats which sold for about a thousand dollars.   The Korean Protone line sold for just a few hundred and had the same body, neck, bridge, tuners, and elecronics as the American.  I was lucky enough to grab a left handed version off e-bay for $250.00 and it was brand new, never played. It is every bit as good as any American Strat I've played.    Anyway,  just some advice to anyone looking for a great strat-style guitar at a good price.  If you don't mind playing a guitar that says "Squire" on the headstock.,  look for one made in '96 or '97 with the words ProTone on the headstock.   They're getting harder to find as word has spread but you can still find them on e-bay.   You should be able to get one for under $300.

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