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Author Topic: B-Band! The best company ever? I think so...  (Read 1092 times)
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« on: November 05, 2006, 04:54:29 AM »

Hey everyone,

I had an absolutely incredible customer service experience recently, and i just thought i would share it. So as i've probably mentioned about 25 000 000 times, i'm the proud owner of an LV-03E which, as most of you know, came with the B-Band A5 preamp with the UST pickup. I think they've changed to a different pickup/preamp combo since i bought mine (about 10 months ago). Anyway, since the day i brought my guitar home i've loved it, but the pickup was leaving me dissatisfied. The strings weren't balanced very well at all (the top 2 were really hot, the bottom two were about normal, and the middle 2 were so quiet you could barely hear them) I played with the eq extensively to no avail, and even posted here asking for advice on how to fix it, which led me to all kinds of home remedies, but nothing seemed to help.

Eventually i decided to email larrivee about the issue and see what they said. Basically the fellow who emailed me back gave me a few tips (all of which i had already tried), and said failing that i could ship the guitar to them and they would fix it under warranty. I can't fault Larrivee for their service, what they said was perfectly acceptable IMO, but not wanting to put put my guitar in the mail unless absolutely necessary i decided to email B-band and see if they had anything to say. When i got an email back, the customer service rep from B-band suggested that maybe the UST in my system was simply faulty, and if i sent him my address he would send me a new one, just like that. Not only would he send me a new one, but he sent me their newest version which uses some kind of different material than before, which apparently you can't even buy in a store yet. Anyway, the point is that a few weeks later i had a brand new UST in the mail, free of charge. I replaced the old one with the new one, and now my baby sounds just as good plugged in as unplugged. (well, not really... but as good as one can get when plugged in) I can't even begin to explain how much better it is.

All i know for sure is that the folks over at B-Band have earned one customer for life, and thats for sure. At least there's still some companies around that know how to serve a customer properly. They may not make the best pickups on the market, but mine sure sounds good... and it's hard to find service like that! this is my big  +1 to B-band and their awesome service. Someone over there is doing something right, that's for sure.


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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2006, 06:11:16 AM »

Great story, aboss.  I've dealt with bband customer service a couple times and been very satisfied. When I bought my first Larrivee back in 2000, it came with a fishman, which really sounded bad.  I did some research and swapped it out for a bband ust.  I liked it but thought it sounded a bit flat most of the time.  Then they introduced the AST and I upgreaded to a blended system which sounded great.  Their customer service always responded within a few hours and was very helpful.


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« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2006, 12:53:54 AM »


Thanks for sharing your good experience with B-Band.  I've got the same guitar with the same pickup system and I'm very happy with it.   But, I know that I if I do have a problem with the electronics, I'm covered.  Customer service is not what it used to be...glad to see a company that still cares about it!

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