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Author Topic: Om-3r  (Read 2894 times)

« on: June 17, 2003, 03:52:22 AM »

I got a OM-3r and it sound and look really great. And man it is loud! I have just installed a schetler bluestick in it. I loved the sound on it, it is definately un piezo like. I do have an initial installation issue with balancing but it was solve by tweaking the tusq saddle.

The sound thru the bluestick is a little mid emphasise on it. The low are tight not muddy but just missing a little on the air in the high end. It does reflect the quality of the larrivee, in subtle nuances and chracteristics.
Overall i am still please by it, the dynamic range is smooth no quack at all and very FEEDBACK resistant. It will work very well with high volume enviroment.

However i do miss the air. I am thinking of using the PADI, will it add in some missing high into the sound? Or should i add a mic?(but will it bring down feedback factor). Please comment if any. :unsure:    
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I have no experience with the Bluestick, but I do with mics and the PADI.  

I would go with the PADI.  I used to have a C-05 that came with a Fishman Matrix something.  It sounded pretty bad (to me) alone, but much better with the PADI.  It really worked wonders on the sound.

I then went with the K&K Trinity system.  I loved this setup, but in all honesty, the mic was useless in all but the quietest settings.  That's just the nature of using mics in acoustic guitars.  If you're happy with the Bluestick, I can't see how adding a PADI would hurt at all.

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