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What a great voice and stage presence !

Part of the same Wainwright family that produced Rufus and Loudon and several other musician/folkies.

I saw her the first time about 3 years ago, and she gives voice classes at Swannanoa some years.

Sloan writes and sings, but does not play an instrument on stage. At first she comes accross as being a bit overly melodramatic with her body language, but by the end of the show, I was with her 100%. She performed at the local Crimson Moon Coffeehouse (Dahlonega, GA) with a band (acoustic guitar, vocal accompaniment/percussion, electric bass).

She's also performing at the Sautee-Nachochee EveningStar tonight which is about 35 miles away, and I'll likely go catch her again there.

Oh yes, and she has a new CD which is coming out in a month.

Randy R., Georgia, USA
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