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Author Topic: More Larrivee artists  (Read 643 times)
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I just took delivery of two new (to me) CDs from CD-Baby.
Daniele Bazzani - "Truss Roads"

Franco Morone - "Stranalandia"

On opening both cases I found Larrivees featured:

Daniele recorded his CD on an OM10 - its Sea Horse headstock inlay is the design on the CD itself.
Franco recorded his on what looks like an OMV-09 with the Eagle headstock inlay.

You probably have heard of Franco Morone, but you might not have heard of Bazzani. Tommy Emmanuel says about him :
Best unknown guitar talents out there? There's a guy from Italy called Daniele Bazzani, who plays well, really well.

You can check out both these CDs by clicking on the CD names above. I wuold highly recommend CD-Baby fi you are looking for music that its privately produced or may not have made it to your local music store. I have found some great stuff in the $5 sale category!!! Even picked up a copy of Robin Bullock's "Midnight Howl"!

While I'm at it, another guitarist that you can sample/acquire through CD-Baby is John McKone - if you are into Billy McLaughlin or Don Ross or Michael Hedges you may just turn on to him.


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