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Title: Stereo Dual Pickup/mic Combos
Post by: Koamon on August 08, 2003, 09:15:24 AM
Currently I use a Dean Markley Sweet Spot under the saddle and have Crown GLM 200 and Rane goose neck mics in two of my Larrivees running out stereo end pin jacks. They go either into an outboard Fishman Blender or a Rane AP-13. Both sound great, but I am thinking about the Sweet Spot and a Pickup the World Soundboard transducer in my third Larrivee using the same preamps. Will there be a impedence mismatch runnig it through the mic channel...or are there other better alternatives that any one else has tried?

BTW, For vocals, I just picked up a Rode NT3, it is a true condenser with a 3/4" diaphram that is externally biased. It can be powered by a 9V Battery and kicks -CENSORED- over my Beta 87.