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Title: Silver Lake guitar on its way
Post by: djsonovox on August 08, 2005, 04:20:03 PM
I got a Silver Lake 101 with triple pickup system from eBay for $229! The mag/piezo/mic system I am familiar with, since I'd ordered a Jumbo Maple Lake from Wechter two weeks ago. Sent it back. Just too thin and trebly without an amp---but the system sounded incredible with my Ultrasound 50D. So, I got a cheap guitar that nevertheless has maple bindings, bound neck and headstock, solid spruce top and mahogany sides (till now, I had no mahogany guitar).
I hope it is okay without an amp, too, but if the action is good this will be the gigging guitar to keep the wear off my other more fancy axes. Cheap insurance! It will pay for itself at the next gig which nets me $25 more than I paid for the guitar. If you deduct shipping!

It is a real quandry to play gigs without your very best guitars...but I feel it is smart to keep them out of harm's way. Restaurants and bars have seen more than their share of guitar damage disasters.