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Title: New Hagstrom Acoustic
Post by: Calvin on July 08, 2005, 04:27:02 AM
I've always been a sucker for these old hagstroms jazz guitars designed by Jimmy D'Aquisto.  They are now back but as a different company.

I've just recently heard the new Hagstrom Acoustics, they are solid top and go for about 250 US NEW!!!!!  When I played one, I was in awe.  It sounded better than a big baby, it sounded better than a Yamaha solid top dread (which is a bit cheaper), sounded better than all the lasido franchise guitar under 400 dollars by far (and that's hard to do).  I'd describe the sound as between and Parlor and the L, not a clear as the parlor and not as rich as the L.  Go try one out, you'd be pleasantly surprised, I certainly was.