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Title: Takamine Cool Tube Gutiar--- Wow!
Post by: Caleb on March 02, 2005, 02:55:50 PM
i was at my local shop buying strings yesterday and one of these caught my eye. the bear claw top was beyond beautiful. the sound of this guitar was, in a word, amazing. the bass thundered and the highs just shimmered. it was just a really nice guitar. possibly one of the best i've played. i didn't get to plug it in, but i wanted to. i'm not sure how crazy i am about having a tube in my guitar---seems to modern and non-traditional for my taste. plus, i worry about over the years how much trouble it would be to repair, if its a fad and goes out of production. but the sound of this guitar is amazing. ppl who slam takamine and say they're crappy guitars needs to reconsider things a bit.