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Title: Gospel Hymn Books
Post by: Fergy07 on March 02, 2005, 01:57:28 PM
I had posted a thread awhile back asking if anyone knew of any good fingerstyle Hymn books. Since my birthday was coming up, I asked my wife for three of them:

* Melbay's complete Gospel Guitar, by Duck Baker
* Gospel Cooking, by John Standefer
* Favorite Hymns for Acoustic Guitar, by Rick Foster

Man these books are great, and thanks to everyone who had inspired and pointed me in their direction!

The Gospel Cooking one is especially nice, as it has some pretty tough songs, in a style (jazz) which I never was very good at. I have a feeling my jazz technique is about to under go some major reconstruction.

Again thanks to everyone who helped out in selecting these. If anyone knows of any others let me know. Specfically, would anyone know if there is a compilation of El McMeen doing Hymns? I have his Christmas book which he came out with in the Fall, but I'd like to see some of his arrangements for Hymns (gotta love that low-C tuning).