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Title: K&K Powermix Pure XT ?
Post by: RandyB on February 09, 2017, 11:48:03 PM
Hey guys , I'm about to buy a dual source pick up for my Larrivee OM-40R and I'm looking for advice on a good dual source system. I mainly play fingerstyle 60/40 or maybe 70/30 fingerstyle to picking or strumming ratio. I'm considering the   Powermix Pure XT ... it uses the Pure mini plus the FanTastick UST it uses an external preamp/blender. The piezo elements on the UST are oriented 180 degrees away from the saddle and toward the body.supposed to give a better(?) tone and be less quacky than most. Does anyone have experience with the Powermix system? Before I pull the trigger I would like to get some feedback.

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Title: Re: K&K Powermix Pure XT ?
Post by: George on February 10, 2017, 02:53:53 PM
The Pure mini is a good choice and so is the blending preamp, but I did not like the tone or sound of the Fantastick UST and it is a lot thicker than most others.  You could likely use a Fishman or LR Baggs UST with the same blending preamp.  Most UST's are extremely high impedance so the preamp won't know the difference...  Just my humble opinion for whatever it is worth...