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Title: D50 Has Arrived
Post by: Barefoot Rob on June 30, 2003, 05:08:29 PM
Let me start with this.I was leary about ordering one of these  as there are so many Martin nock off's of large sound hole guitars its silly.
Next I was afraid it just be a D05 with a large soundhole and not much else--I love the D05's.
Now lets get on with it.
First I saved the opening of the box for one of my fav customers,so the first hands to play it were not mine.His thoughts where that over all the guitar had more vol then his D05,more seperation of the notes in the chord,and he wants it!!!Volumn was better and so was the bass responce.
Compared to a 70 D18 it had much more bal tone.
compared to a D05 well see above.It came in with D'addario coated strings.The neck feels beefier.The cosmetic's are real nice,etched tuner's,herringbone trim with the maple binding.Nice tortiose style pickguard,satin finished neck.
Overall it seems to get a "got to talk to the wife and maybe find some trade stuff,I'VE GOT TO HAVE IT".
I hope this helps someone out who's thinking of buying one.

Title: D50 Has Arrived
Post by: strier1 on July 01, 2003, 02:53:38 PM
How does this guitar compare to the other pre war D-18 clones (D-18GE, Collings, Santa Cruz, Bourgeouis)?  I'm in the market and have seriously considered the Bourgeouis Country Boy, but am really excited about the Larrivee.  Is the neck as meaty as a Martin, or is it the traditional D-05 neck shape?  Also, is it as open sounding as a D-18GE?  Any info would be greatly appritiated!


Title: D50 Has Arrived
Post by: Barefoot Rob on July 01, 2003, 06:41:17 PM
My customer who just played it has his own review on acoustic guitar's forum,I let his words speak as I'm a saleman/repairman and I my sound bias.

Title: D50 Has Arrived
Post by: Barefoot Rob on July 01, 2003, 08:41:25 PM
Also let me add that I personally don't like to compare guitar companies modals as they will all sound different,But also I've found over the years that 2 guitars built right next to each other or even built right after each other never sound or play or even be the same even when its the same modal.everyone does something different ie: thicker braces,different bracing pattern's,thickness of the top,grain varients.All I can tell you is I thought it was going to be just another large sound hole and I've never been impressed,NOW I AM!!!!! :D