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Title: Pulled the Liberator from my Bakersfield
Post by: tulk1 on February 19, 2016, 02:12:00 PM
Last Christmas during RS Guitarwork's sale I purchased some new pots for the Bakersfield. I just felt the SD Liberator wasn't quite getting it done. Not sure why I felt that way. But there was something missing from the response, tone, something. Removed the Liberator and stock tone pot, soldered in the RSG CTS pots. It has made an amazing difference! The Vol is extremely responsive, no real loss of "that" response as I turn down. The Tone is super responsive, as well. Altho' really, the tone pot was never really called into question. Just the Liberator Vol. But, thought it'd be best to swap out both. Got to say I am very pleased with the CTS pots. I like the idea behind the SDL. Just not sure that vol pot is up to snuff. Then again, it's taken me over 2 yrs to decide to swap them out, so ... maybe it isn't all that bad.  :whistling: But I do like the new pots. Alot.