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Title: RS-2 Pickup Covers
Post by: magicshoemonkey on May 08, 2013, 11:18:23 PM
So I'm planning to order an RS-2. I've been looking around to see what's available and finally decided to go with seafoam green. I went to the store today to talk to the guy about it, and he distracted me by talking about another brand they sell with P90's (Prestige, turns out they're partly produced in Korea and apparently not that much better than a good Epiphone; also, it was a hollowbody).

Anyway, so I want the seafoam green RS-2, but I want the cream colored pickup covers. Is that an option I can do easily, or is that a pricey custom addition? Also, they do still have the four volume/tone knobs, right? Because I'm not really sure about the two-knob versions I've seen lately.

Edit: I suppose I could email Larrivee about this, but I thought one of you might know offhand. Save them the trouble of answering my silly question.

Title: Re: RS-2 Pickup Covers
Post by: abalone at last on May 09, 2013, 04:08:32 AM
Hey man...I can relate to your question so here goes...............a long time ago....I rebuilt a Les Paul that had been routed out to a three humbucker beast by The Powder Blues Band guitarist Tom Lavin.....the Hummers ..2 Dimarzios and a mighty mite were cream coloured and I wanted them I spray painted them with a 5 dollar can of interior artist paint from Canadian Tire...I let it dry then scraped the paint off the metal pole pieces with a jack looked good and no one ever noticed....many guitarist have painted their guitars and pickups...have fun!!

Title: Re: RS-2 Pickup Covers
Post by: L07 Shooting Star on May 09, 2013, 05:14:16 AM
Changing pickup covers on a P-90 is a very easy thing to do.  It should also be easy to find cream-colored covers.  If the guitar is being ordered right from the factory, then just have them put cream colored covers on instead of black.  If it is already in the store, there are many sources for the P-90 covers, and they are very inexpensive.  In any case, there is no need to paint them.,_parts/Electric_guitar:_Covers_plates/P-90_Pickup_Cover.html

Title: Re: RS-2 Pickup Covers
Post by: magicshoemonkey on May 09, 2013, 05:32:38 AM
Sweet, thanks.

Title: Re: RS-2 Pickup Covers
Post by: Mikeymac on May 09, 2013, 05:34:27 AM
You will probably need to e-mail Larrivee to ask about the four knob option to see if they'll still do it...they still make the RS-4 that way, so it shouldn't be a big deal to make an RS-2 that way - might be a $50 upcharge or something like that. The cream pickup covers should be an easy, no cost option; I would suspect Larrivee still has those in stock.

Don't let your dealer talk you into "settling" for something else - sooner or later you'll just get the itch again to get the RS-2 you really wanted!