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Title: Standard Anthem install
Post by: Barefoot Rob on April 02, 2013, 02:16:08 AM
Did an install of the higher end version with the added control of a mix in the soundhole.These pu's sound really goog but I wanted to let you know that when installing it in a Martin DM or something along those line's that the soundhole control box needs to have some riser's added due to brace being in the way,now I did concider just pulling the brace out but thought better of it :wink: .Using the extra adhesive pads and some cardboard cut from the stuff that holds the parts in place I place the extra adhesive's on the cardbaord and cut them too shape.Attached them to the one's on the control box and put into it spot inside the soundhole.Hope this helps anyone installing it into a tall braced guitar.Have fun. :cheers