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Title: JJB Prestige 220 pickup and Lrbaggs para di
Post by: 12stringer on October 13, 2012, 06:45:00 PM
Hi folks
I have found by experimenting with pickup placement that not going under the saddle has yielded a more natural sound.  I have installed in a few different guitars the 3 pickup system (both JJb's Prestige 330 and K&K PWM)...always gluing directly underneath where the saddle is...every time I have noticed that the pickups sounded a bit harsh.  This was always fixed by eq adjustments on a preamp or board...usually mid reduction.  Recently I experimented with different placements.  Thanks to some sticky putty, I tried placing the pickups of a 2 pickup system JJB Prestige 220 Pickup ( on the tail side of the bridge plate...1 extended out near the end of the plate (low E string side) and the other extended out from the Hi E string near the edge of the plate.  The guitar is my L-02. 
When I plugged this into a Lrbaggs para di preamp, I was amazed at how natural the sound was.  I had to eq out some bass 85hz (9 O'Clock) and low mids 700hz (9 O'clock).  I notch filtered the G setting (9 O'clock), Input gain at 3 O'clock and Output gain at  3 O'clock, inverted phase engaged.  This  gave me a wonderfullly natural and full sparkly and deep sound with no feedback at a volume where without the preamp it would be just a howling. 
I also did an a/b comparison with Headway's edb1 and actually preferred the Lrbaggs, although it was mighty close and I had to eq a bit less with the Headway.  I just found the eq frequency selection of the Lrbaggs was more useful for that guitar with that pickup.  I also think the impedance mismatch issue that I have read so much about was reduced by the fact that I had a 2 rather than a 3 pickup system.  When I tried the different impedance settings on the headway it did not change the sound appreciably.  So for what it is worth...there ya have it. :donut :donut2 :coffee :coffee

Title: Re: JJB Prestige 220 pickup and Lrbaggs para di
Post by: L07 Shooting Star on October 15, 2012, 06:49:59 AM
Very interesting analysis.  I have the K&K pure minis installed in both my L-07 and L-40 12-string.  I also play them thru the Baggs Para preamp.  My K&Ks are mounted in the recommended location though, and I don't think I can move them easily now.  Just for comparison, here is how I have the preamp set at present for playing with the band I'm in.  The preamp is plugged into a switch box, then into a Fender Superchamp X2 head connected to a Marshall model 1965B 4X10 cabinet.  The swichbox allows me to switch between the acoustic(s) and the electrics:

Gain is at min.
Low freq. is at 10 oclock
Notch filter is set about half way between min and 0 and the "note" knob is half way between D and B
Mid is at 10 oclock and the freq. is set at about 1.5khz
Pres is at 10 oclock
Treb is at about 1 oclock.
I came up with these settings by playing the guitar(s) through a mic 12" from the 14th fret thru my PA and switching back and forth between the PA and the amp,  adjusting the preamp until they sounded more or less the same to my ears.  I use the same setting for both of my Larrivees.  I adjust the output volume on the Para so that when I switch from acoustic to electric, the volume is more or less the same.

Title: Re: JJB Prestige 220 pickup and Lrbaggs para di
Post by: 12stringer on October 15, 2012, 12:08:38 PM
That's an interesting set-up.  I am going to look into a switch box as I also play electric guitar and switch back and forth. 
I also have made another change to pickup placement and have a slightly better location (I think).  I moved the treble pickup to between the A and D string on the tail side of the bridge plate.  The other pickup remained where it is (extended out from the Low E string on tail side of bridge plate).  This resulted in a reduction of eq application. 
My Low setting is now at 12 O clock 
Notch is at 10 O clock set on D,
Mid is at 9 O clock at 1.5 k
Presence is at 1 O clock
Trreble is at 12 O clock 
Input 3 O clock
Output 12 O clock
Phase inverted
The main thing I noticed listening to this pickup placement with flat settings is the notes are perfectly equal in volume, and there was significantly less extreme High end glitchyness (kinda like distortion at 10k ... more noticeable while strumming).  The natural woody sound was the same.
Thank God for that putty  :smile:   :coffee :coffee :donut2 :donut