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Title: Presonus Mobile or Apogee Duet?
Post by: Anton Emery on April 08, 2010, 08:45:56 PM
Anyone here used the new Presonus Mobile or the Apogee Duet?  Trying to decide between the two, the Presonus is $200 cheaper and has gotten good reviews from what i have read.  The Apogee has gotten great reviews all around, folks seem to like it alot. 

Both are firewire interfaces, the Presonus has a few more quarter inch line level inputs.  The apogee is limited to two inputs at a time.  The Apogee is mac only, but i am on a mac, so that does not really matter.  Not sure what the sound quality different is between the two interfaces, folks say the presonus sounds great, and in this price bracket, i wonder if the Duet is a huge noticeable difference. 

90% of the time i would just be needing two inputs for my solo guitar, but if for some reason i need more inputs, it would be nice to know they are there.  For that reason i am kind of leaning towards the presonus.