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Title: Regarding a Martin 000-15LH built in pickup
Post by: ishtar on August 06, 2009, 12:15:30 AM
I recently ordered a left handed Martin, supposed to come around the beginning of the new year.  Should I get an electric pickup put in at the factory?  I would likely use this guitar for recording at home rather than performance.  I have the ability and equipment to make decent recordings of an unamplified guitar, but somehow the easy plug and play/record aspect of a built in pickup seems like it is desirable.

Three questions to the group...  If I really were good, I'd create a web form poll for this, but

1) Should I get a built-in pickup or not?

2)  If I were to get a pickup built in, which of the 4 choices below would you prefer?

a) Ellipse Matrix Blend
c) Prefix Premium Blend

d) Matrix Infinity
e) Thinline Gold Plus Natural 1

Thanks very much for your consideration and advice.