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Title: repair issue
Post by: psp on January 10, 2009, 03:37:51 AM
 i have a little nick how would i fill that or should i say over it? Its very slight and not really that deep ...more of a color issue but i know its there and i like things perfect. Thank you kindly

Title: Re: 2 repair issues on my d10
Post by: jeremy3220 on January 10, 2009, 03:48:56 PM
If the 'wart' is from the factory you could sand it off then go up through the grits then buff it out. That could prove more difficult than you think. You can't really drop fill a nick on a UV finish like that and have it match. You'd probably have to refinish it. Unless the wart is interfering with your playing leave it and leave the nick, if you want a guitar to be perfect you should buy a new one and keep it in a glass case and never play it. Then again it shouldn't be too hard to find a few 'imperfections' in the new guitar either.

Title: Re: 2 repair issues on my d10
Post by: Barefoot Rob on January 10, 2009, 04:38:44 PM
Te drop on the neck looks like a glue drop to me.Take it to a repairman and have his taken care of by a pro.This is not something you do on your own.The nick on the back should just be left alone but if it bugs you again take it to a pro have them do it.These jobs should not be done by someone who has no exp. and has never done it before,in most cases it will come out looking much worst.

Title: Re: 2 repair issues on my d10
Post by: psp on January 10, 2009, 05:07:06 PM
Im more concerned about the "wart" LOL At least the nick is in a good spot.  Is there anyway to add color to the nick so it just blends rather then fill it? But if its a more difficult fix i agree best to just leave it alone.

Maybe you are right about it being glue. I just thought it was clear coat or whatever. UNfortunately I live about 4 hours away from a quality repair shop and wouldn't trust this to the local guy in my town. He would probably drill out the hole and fill it with a pine dowel  :humour:

I like you comment about the glass case LOL thats so true isnt it :cheers


Title: Re: 2 repair issues on my d10
Post by: BenF on January 10, 2009, 07:04:02 PM
I love having pristine perfect guitars, but the fact is that if you play them (which is what they are for) they will get small dings from time to time.  I did it to my OM the other week, and although I was initially concerned I should do something about it, it doesn't bother me much at all already.  The wart looks really annoying though, that probably would bother me a lot.

Title: Re: 2 repair issues on my d10
Post by: Danny on January 10, 2009, 07:38:20 PM
  What unclrob and Jeremy both said are best.
               I have some nice gits and they have dings and "play wear" blems, but they are for making music for me, not just to look nice.
               As far as the small ding, you could drop fill it with a very small drop of Superglue/ crazy glue. There are plenty of tips on this method online. BUT... you must be willing to make a mistake or else don't do anything at all. Just enjoy it.
               Jeremy's statement on removing the wart is one that is a tried and true method and will turn out fine if you have any skill in this area. You could go very slow at it and just stop if you feel out of your comfort zone.

               I make a lot of mistakes on guitar repairs, but most are on my pawn shop gits. I also learn from those mistakes. I did remove a similar bump from a D-09 I had and it was totally unnoticeable when I was finished. But it doesn't always turn out that way.

Title: Re: 2 repair issues on my d10
Post by: magictwanger on January 10, 2009, 07:44:09 PM
I've been doing alot of guitar shopping lately and believe me,there are absolutely new guitars with more little dingy things on them than one could want.

  I was very careful with what I got,and a bit lucky too,yet sheesh,I doubt Itzhak Perleman is worried about his " few centuries old" Strad.

  A fine instrument if played a bit,will show it,and I am a fanatic with my own guitars,but am prepared to play them for enjoyment of the "music".

  Best of luck