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Title: IBeam Active in an L-03R - Suggestions?
Post by: Alpione on January 21, 2008, 05:11:02 PM

Just installed an IBeam Active in my L-03R this weekend.  Using hints from this board and elsewhere, the install was pretty darned easy. 

I've tried two different placements with similar results - one with the pickup as close to the bridge pins as possible and one moved slightly forward towards the sound hole. 

Sound is very good.  Strumming has a nice full sound and it picks up nuances like string squeaks and "chucking" very accurately. 

My only qualms are that the midrange is a little high in the mix (G and D strings) and the bass, which is substantial, seems to be more body than string.  That is, it's resonant and warm without hearing much of the actual string "pluck" when the low E is picked.

Anyone have experience with various placements?  I'd like to even out the strings a little and maybe hear more "string" on the low E rather than body resonance.

Also, output levels are decent but still pretty low through my cheapo M-Audio Fasttrack USB to my computer.  No external preamp currently.  anyone have comments on IBeam Active output levels?