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Title: Supplement PU/source/mic for B-Band A2.2
Post by: mrrinse on January 09, 2008, 03:39:01 PM
I have a LV-09 with a B-Band A2.2 (no cut). I'm not all that happy with the sound, despite using a PARA DI and AER Compact 60. I find it sounds rather thin scratchy, lacking woodiness/warmth/mids. My L-05MT with I-beam active (left channel) and fishmann rare earth soundhole pickup (right channel) sounds better (though the I-beam is rather more feedback prone).

Seems a little pointless to take the A2.2 out (and I don't mind using it to blend in some lows whilst recording), so I'm wondering if there's a system I can add in to supplement / compliment / blend with the A2.2. I'm guessing it'd be necessary to have a stereo output.

I've heard good report on th K+Ks, but never heard them myself. Do they stand up week against feedback? Anything else worth considering?

I also have a Seymour Duncan magmic soundhole pu/mic blender (mono) which I guess I could use, though I'm hesistant to install that as i) they don't look to pretty - it'd kinda spoil the look of the LV and ii) i also use this guitar for recording, and fear that the pickup in the soundhole would adversely affect the tone (anyone found this?).

Thanks for any advice,


Title: Re: Supplement PU/source/mic for B-Band A2.2
Post by: Mr_LV19E on January 09, 2008, 11:32:57 PM
I have the A2.2 in my LV-19  and it sounds as good as any other pickup system I've used. Have you tried to adjust the gain controls on the preamp, maybe they are set to low.